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In November 2017, the Birmingham Mail, reporting on research by the homeless charity Shelter UK, published an article on homelessness in Birmingham. The results were clear and shocking – 12,000 people without a permanent home. The problem is only growing worse – one year later, and the number of homeless people is around 15,538. Birmingham has the worst levels of homelessness of anywhere in the West Midlands.

Shelter believe that 57 of these homeless people are ‘rough sleepers’, on the streets. This total is 57 too many – but the truth is worse. Many of those 15,481 homeless who are in temporary accommodation will be back on the streets at some point because their accommodation is just as it sounds – temporary. In addition to this, Shelter (who do great work) admit that their numbers are an under-estimate, because any count of the homeless population always misses some who slip through the net.


There are many misconceptions about homelessness and the homeless. It can happen more easily than you might think. It could happen to people whom you would never expect. We often have a perception of homeless people as a different type of people, who made mistakes and got into circumstances that we never would, but in actuality very few people are immune to homelessness.

Who we are?

MCKS Feeding Program Birmingham is dedicated to tackling the social injustice that homelessness represents. These people have been left behind by society, so we (and other local charity groups), are taking up the mantle. We are small-scale, grass roots but professional. Every week we are out on the streets helping homeless people. We work with altruistic local businesses, and all of the donations we receive go directly and exclusively towards the food, clothing, toiletries and sleeping bags that we provide to those in need.


If you would like to make a welcome contribution to food and clothing for the homeless, you can transfer funds to our account:

Name: MCKS Feeding Program Birmingham
Account: 50508768
Sort Code: 30-98-97
Bank: Lloyds Bank

If you are looking to donate some clothing, volunteer, or find out more information, please contact us on 07952 830714, or message us via our Facebook page: @MCKSFeedingProgramBirmingham

We are always looking for new volunteers. Our weekly meetings are informal and friendly, and there is no pressure for every member to attend every week. If you would like to give your time to a worthy cause, please do get in touch.

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